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Intro to Band Uniforms PDF Print E-mail

Due to observations in and around the band hall, uniform room, stadium and other points of interest, this mini-course has been added to the band student curriculum.  This is required information, and there may be pop quizzes at any time.

I. The Uniform is Expensive

The main parts of the uniform is provided by the school (jacket, bib gauntlets and hat) and cost about $500. These uniforms are expected to last 12-15 years. Every marching band member who has been issued a uniform has signed (or should have signed) an acknowledgement of responsibility for the replacement cost of their uniform ($500). In addition, the student provides band t-shirts, black shorts, black socks, shoes and black gloves & a garment bag– possibly another $100 investment.

Not taking care of uniforms costs money and costs us precious points at competitions.

II. Hem it Right

When uniforms are checked out, hemming instructions are given with them.   Whether you hem the pants or someone else does, it is your responsibility to make sure they are done correctly.  This may seem like knit-picking, but it is very important to the useful life of the uniforms and to getting the highest scores at competitions.

  • Hems should reach the second eyelet on the marching shoe in the front and go straight back (it shouldn’t taper) and it will not touch the shoe. When hemmed correctly there will be NO BREAK in the leg (the pant leg won’t bunch or, crease due to hitting the shoe).
  • Do not cut the fabric (the next student to get these pants might have longer legs).  You may carefully release the side seams as needed to make the hem smooth.  Please make sure the side seam is stitched closed at the folded edge.
  • Fold the hem only once at the bottom edge.  Do not double the fabric and do not attach hem tape or other fabric to the pants.
  • Stitch the hem by hand only.  Machine stitching shows, generally is not as smooth, and it may damage the fabric when stitched or when removed.
  • All pants must have elastics to go under the foot hand-sewn at each side seam.

If you have any questions about hemming, please contact the Band Booster Uniform Chairs, Becca Talley or Palmira Miner at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


III. Treat it Right

  • Get a garment bag. No uniform can leave the uniform room unless it is in a garment bag. Your uniform, including all parts – school or student supplied, must be kept clean and dry. If you do not purchase a Cavalier garment bag you must provide your own garment bag.
  • Put your name on the garment bag. If you ordered a blue Cavalier garment bag, you will have the embroidered personalization as well as a name card in the pocket.  If you provide your own garment bag you must have your name & our school name on the bag; this helps any lost uniforms get returned as quickly as possible.
  • Hang it neatly. Make sure your pants are neatly folded at the front and back crease and laid smoothly across the bar of the hanger.  Gauntlets should be placed in the gauntlet bag (open and flat if possible) and the gauntlet bag should be hung over the hanger. Make sure the jacket shoulders are square on the top of the hanger and that the jacket is fully zipped.  This is very important to keep the uniform looking fresh and sharp as well as to keep it hanging on the hanger – not on the floor or in a mud puddle.
  • Remove the uniform from the garment bag when hung in the uniform room. There is limited hanging space in our uniform room. Please hang all uniforms facing the same direction. The front of the uniform should face the door of the Uniform Room. All garment bags should be taken home after each use.
  • Only the hat may be stored in the hat box. Nothing else. Paper, cotton, gauntlets, gloves, shirts, towels and such retain moisture and prevent the hat from drying.  Everything in the box then becomes subject to mildew and will mold very quickly.
  • Take home and wash everything else. Your shirt, shorts, socks, and gloves should be washed after each event for your own comfort and those sitting around you.  Make sure your shoes are allowed to dry and air out between each use. The school-issued parts of your marching uniform will be laundered by volunteers with specific instructions. Please do not attempt to wash your marching uniform unless you are a washing volunteer and have received these instructions.
  • If you have a problem let us know as early as soon as possible. We have a repair kit, extra buttons and other supplies to handle emergencies but our options become very limited as time runs out, especially once we leave the school. We cannot allow a student to march unless they are in full uniform, so it is imperative that you to do your best to keep your uniform in top shape and to let us know when you need our help.

Finally, please remember that every band member must use the Uniform Room. We make every effort to keep it neat and clean and expect students to do the same.

If you have any questions, please contact the Band Booster Uniform Chairs, Becca Talley or Palmira Miner at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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